New York Giants: Victor Cruz 2015 Projection


One of the biggest question marks for the New York Giants this offseason is Victor Cruz. His torn patella is one of the most serious injuries an athlete can get. Cruz has been very active on social media through his recovery. He’s telling Giants fans to be optimistic about him and Odell Beckham Jr. taking the field together. The question is, will Cruz be able to perform at the same level he used to?

Now that the Giants have the very dangerous and versatile Beckham, Cruz will be highly underrated. Defenses are going to shift their focus away from him. This will be a great opportunity for Cruz to capitalize and make some plays. After all, he did say he has his sites on the comeback player of the year award.

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Cruz vowed to return to the field better than ever. By the way that it looks, so far so good. Cruz is on track to start running very soon. He is still in the early stages of recovery, but there have been no setbacks.

He even went as far as to talk about playing in the Super Bowl. That is a very bold statement coming from a player with a serious injury. Many doctors claim that he will never be the same player again, but we all know the Giants play their best football with their backs against the wall. Cruz will do whatever it takes to come back and prove his doubters wrong.

Now that the Giants are in the second year of their new offense, it will come like second nature. The players had a lot of trouble adjusting, especially quarterback Eli Manning. Now that most of the kinks are worked out, the receiving core should start to thrive.

With the addition of Beckham and the steady growth of Rueben Randle, Cruz will have a bounce back season. He will break 1,000 yards once again and return to prominence in the revitalized Giants offense. He will be salsa dancing in no time.

2015 Projection: 80 receptions for 1,050 receiving yards and seven touchdowns

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