2015 NFL Draft Profile: QB Blake Sims, Alabama


Blake Sims, Alabama’s senior quarterback, who awaited his turn behind A.J. McCarron enters the 2015 NFL Draft with little experience. This is a big problem as 90% of a draft prospect’s grade is determined by evaluation of game tape. Now, Sims hopes he has done enough in 14 games to convince an NFL general manager to take a chance on him.

Smith is a player who has all the intangibles. The most impressive part of his resume is that he is a quick learner. Watching Alabama over the course of the season was developing and maturing for him as a quarterback.

Sims lead the Crimson Tide to the College Football Playoffs where they fell to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. It was clear that he had the intangibles, the things that a player either has or doesn’t that can be so valuable. The question for Sims, is does he have the tangibles?

Sims is a project, plain and simple. This is not a quarterback you can plug in at the beginning of September, he has a lot to learn. His arm is good but it’s not special. His accuracy is a bit inconsistent and his decision making is often too long of a process.

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  • Sims is mobile and a decent scrambler as he can extend plays with his legs
  • High completion percentage
  • Touch on passes, knows when to float it and when to drill it
  • Leadership qualities
  • Coachable
  • Poise evidenced by game winning drives, especially the one in Death Valley against LSU to take the game into overtime


  • Not ideal size (6’0” 208 lbs)
  • Footwork is inconsistent, sometimes his mechanics are great other times not
  • Interceptions tend to come in bunches (3 against Auburn, 3 against Ohio State)
  • Inconsistent accuracy
  • Inexperienced

Bottom Line:

Sims would be fortunate to be a 4th or 5th round draft pick. There are more talented passers in front of him and they all have more experience than the one year starter.

Should the New York Giants Draft Sims?

Happiness is based on expectations. If the Giants draft Sims in the later rounds to be a back-up I would have no problem with it. Overall I doubt quarterbacks are on the Giants radar at the moment.

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