2015 NFL Draft Profile: OT La’el Collins, LSU


La’el Collins is the physically impressive left tackle prospect from the LSU Tigers. Some see Collins as more of a guard, but with his proficiency as a pass protector he is a very solid left tackle prospect. The New York Giants are looking for help on the offensive line, this may be an option in round 1.

Collins has the physical toolset to be a very successful left tackle in the National Football League. He is 6’5″ and 321 pounds, with powerful tree trunk like legs and long arms that help him in pass protection. Collins is the most physically imposing tackle prospect in this year’s crop.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 9th Overall Prospect


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  • Size and strength: Collins is a bully on the line of scrimmage. He packs a good punch and he does not waste any movement. He can take on the best bull rushers, drop his hips and become a stone wall of a man. He has great overall strength.
  • Good footwork: He stays square and balanced, and uses good technique to stay in front of pass rushers.
  • Long arms: This helps him create separation from defensive linemen and helps him catch pass rushers coming in quickly.
  • Great run blocker: Collins is like a human plow, he drives linemen and linebackers backwards. He makes an impact in the second level of the defense.


  • Not overly athletic: Can struggle against quickness off the edge despite great footwork. He is not a quick moving tackle.
  • Overly aggressive at times, rushers can use his momentum against him.

Should the New York Giants draft Collins?

Collins is a top 10 prospect but my second ranked offensive tackle. If the Giants want to fix the offensive line and Andrus Peat is off the board, it would be hard to argue with Collins being selected 9th overall. Collins could also play guard, depending on the vision of the Giants decision makers and coaches.

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