2015 NFL Draft Profile: SS Landon Collins, Alabama


Landon Collins is a very intriguing option for the New York Giants in the 2015 NFL Draft. Collins is the athletically gifted strong safety from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Under head coach Nick Saban and defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, Collins learned from two of the brightest coaches in College football.

Collins is an aggressive player who has the requisite cover skills and the physicality of an aggressive nature to be a great in the box strong safety. Collins is not a one dimensional player, and that is why he could be a top 10 pick when it is all said and done.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 8th Overall Prospect


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  • Good tackler: It does not matter the angle, it does not matter the ball carrier’s size, Collins will find a way to get him to the ground. Collins is a textbook tackler when he needs to be and a creative tackler when needed.
  • Plays fast: It is one thing to have speed and it is quite another to play fast. Collins has speed and he plays the game fast. He is a read and instant react player.
  • High Football IQ: He understands route concepts and he can see them coming from a mile away. He is good at following the quarterback’s eyes to the football and takes good angles to the ball carrier. All of these things indicate a high football IQ.
  • Physical: Collins is not afraid to light anybody up. He plays the game with a reckless mindset.


  • While he has great athletic ability he is not a free safety and he can get beaten deep. He needs good coaching at the next level and he must be allowed to play to his strengths.
  • Drops the occasional would be interception.

Why Should The New York Giants Draft Collins?

Collins is a top 10 prospect because he really projects to be a great player. He would provide physicality to the Giants defense with his aggressive style of play. Collins will be a great strong safety and there is lots of room for growth in his game. The bottom line is that the sky is the limit for Collins.

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