2015 NFL Draft Profile: CB Marcus Peters, Washington


Marcus Peters is one of the most energized prospects of the 2015 NFL Draft. This energy can be a good thing as there is nothing wrong with a high motor player. The energy however is often a bad thing for Peters, who was dismissed from the Washington Huskies for attitude problems. Peters has the talent of a first round pick, but will a team invest a first round draft pick on him?

Peters is a creative tackler, it is not always pretty but he usually gets the job done. He is an aggressive cornerback with good timing for knocking the ball loose from receivers. He has the size and the ability to be a very good cornerback. He needs to get better at his technique however, and he has had problems with being coached up at Washington.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 23rd Overall Prospect


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  • Physical cornerback who excels at bump and run coverage
  • Good timing for knocking ball away in man coverage
  • Solid ball skills
  • Good speed
  • 6’0″ 198 lbs.


  • Red Flags: Peters is a hothead and he has had character concerns heading into the draft process
  • Technique could be improved: He does not always anticipate routes well, plays a little flat footed sometimes
  • Plays emotional: Peters loses his cool on the field from time to time resulting in penalties and getting beat deep

Should New York Giants Draft Peters?

The Giants have the stern and experienced coaching staff that could work wonders for Peters. I can’t imagine Tom Coughlin putting up with any nonsense from a rookie, so it may be the ideal fit for Peters. If Peters is available when the Giants second round pick comes around he would be an option. The Giants have more pressing needs but in the second round getting a first round talent is obviously a good value.

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