2015 NFL Draft Profile: OT Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas


It seems like every season Texas A&M gives the NFL a great offensive tackle prospect; this year is no different with Cedric Ogbuehi filling the annual role. The 6′ 5″ 300 pound offensive tackle will be selected anywhere from the late first round to the third round. An ACL injury at the end of his Aggies career being the big red flag on his resume.

The injury is the big question mark and teams will pay close attention to his recovery. If he is able to come back at full strength in 2015 he would be an instant impact offensive tackle. He would probably begin his career at right tackle and move to left tackle after some on the job training. If not for the injury there would be little doubt that Ogbuehi would be a first round draft pick.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 24th Overall Prospect (If he is on pace to recover well from ACL injury)


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  • Quick feet as he is light on his feet and moves them quick and swiftly
  • Stays square to the line of scrimmage, has great balance
  • Strong upper body strength as he really packs a punch
  • High football IQ, able to diagnose and correctly block stunts according to the protection scheme


  • ACL injury in bowl game
  • Not as aggressive as you want, no mean streak
  • Needs to bulk up
  • Hand fighting an issue as he loses leverage battle which can result in holding calls

If the injury is not too great of a concern Ogbuehi is a good value late first round to early second round. Hopefully he recovers fine from his injury and proves to the football world that it’s nothing he can’t overcome.

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