NFL Draft Comparison: Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota


Much of the draft conversation is dominated by the top two quarterback prospects, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. It seems that any conversation about the draft begins with these two prospects and the hype around them.

The New York Giants are not in the market for a quarterback, they have good old Eli Manning. Though the 2015 NFL Draft is a major interest to all football fans. It seems the best thing we can do in Giants Nation is to get the Winston/Mariota conversation over with so we can focus on who will fall to the 9th overall selection.

Here is a little table that I have constructed that breaks down some of the key quarterback attributes and how the two quarterbacks compare and contrast.

AttributeJameis WinstonMarcus Mariota
Arm Talent
  • Great arm talent, can  make  every throw
  • Does not have much touch and needs work on intermediate passing
  • Great deep ball
  • Great arm talent, can make every throw
  • Has great touch and anticipation; not a dart thrower
  • Good deep ball
  • Inconsistent accuracy
  • Passes can sail on him
  • Gives receiver chance to go up and get it
  • Can thread the needle into tight windows
  • Consistently accurate
  • Puts football where either only his receiver can get it, or so the receiver can keep running
  • Gives receivers chance to go up and get it
  • Great back shoulder thrower
Pocket Presence, Timing
  • Winston often throws the ball late
  • Inconsistent mechanics
  • Gets into trouble then improvises to get out of it but too often gets sacked or turns it over
  • Throws well on the run and can extend plays, quick shuffling feet and powerful
  • Mariota rarely took snap from under center
  • Must prove that he can play in a pro-style offense
  • Throws the ball on time, quick release
  • Good footwork, but again he always played in pistol or shotgun in college
  • Keeps eyes down field and remains a passer when rolling out or scrambling
  • Throws well on the run
Leadership | Character
  • Great poise, clutch player
  • Teammates love him
  • Can be coaching nightmare, overly emotional
  • Several off the field incidents
  • Mature beyond his years
  • Highly driven, super focus on football
  • Clutch player
  • Teammates love him

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