2015 NFL Draft: DT Carl Davis, Iowa


What if I told you about a 6-5 320 lbs. defensive tackle prospect that ran a 5.07 second yard 40 yard dash that was strong as an ox? If you’re excited about bringing him to the New York Giants, his name is Carl Davis.

Brandon Scherrf may generate the most buzz on Iowa’s pro day but Davis is a special prospect in his own right. Davis is an old school nose guard with a mean streak, a big bad wolf that promises to blow your center back 5 yards into the quarterback. Davis is a poor man’s Danny Shelton. Davis has a similar skillset but probably won’t crack the first round; Shelton will likely go in the top 10.

GMENHQ Big Board Ranking: 75th Overall Prospect


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  • Overpowering athlete, the proverbial immovable object
  • Quick footed, surprising speed makes him great with stunting
  • Great fighting with his hands which makes it hard for offensive linemen to keep their hands on him
  • Explosive first step


  • Durability and endurance
  • Concerns of taking plays off
  • Consistency

The NFL draft is all about value. I have Davis ranked as a 3rd round prospect. You could sell me on Davis as a 2nd rounder though. I was a nose guard in high school and in rec league; I have an appreciation for those who do the dirty work inside on defense. The nose guard gets hit first every single play and he has to push harder than anyone. Davis is a beast, if he can do it every play I might have him as a first round pick.

There is nothing but positive things to say about his skillset. I think he translates best to a 3-4 team, that depends on the nose guard to demand double teams, to protect their two uncovered interior linebackers. If he can dominate to the level of his capabilities all the time, wow this guy could be special.

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