New York Giants: Drafting Landon Collins would be mistake


Although it may be tempting, the New York Giants must not take Landon Collins at No. 9 overall at the 2015 NFL Draft. Simply and frankly put, drafting Collins so early would prove to be a huge mistake by Jerry Reese.

Collins is a great player, do not get me wrong. However, when drafting in the NFL it must be remembered that value must always be the important evaluation. It is nothing against the player, but taking any safety so high in the draft is just bad business.

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I understand that the popular belief is that the Giants have a gaping hole at safety, I would agree. Nevertheless, Reese must not panic. History shows that not just quality, but great, even elite safeties can be, and continuously are found later in the draft.

Furthermore, in actuality almost all of the NFL’s consensus top/all pro safeties in 2015 were taken well after the first round, none being taken in the top ten overall. Since the Giants have a top ten pick in this year’s draft, it would be a mistake to draft Collins when they could add another pass rushing defensive end or offensive linemen.

Kam Chancellor is a former fifth round pick, Eric Weddle a former second, Glover Quinn a former forth, Devin McCourty, and Harrison Smith were both late first round picks. The best safety in the entire NFL, Earl Thomas, wasn’t even taken in the top ten (14th overall). Future hall of famers — Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu were taken 24th and 14th overall.

The point is clear, unless you’re the next Ronnie Lott (taken 8th overall), if you are a safety you do not deserve to be taken at No. 9 overall. Plus just in case you are wondering, Collins in my opinion is not the next Lott. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

It may not be easily done, but it is up to Reese to prove his metal and find the next great safety later on in the draft. Finding quality NFL safeties in Rounds 2-4 is something NFL teams do year in and year out. Now it is the Giants turn to follow suit.

Overall, instead of reaching for Collins, the Giants must stick to their tried and true strategy of drafting the best player available. For example, drafting a player such as Danny Shelton, Andrus Peat, or even Brandon Scherff would be a much more prudent decision with their pick as opposed to drafting Collins. I just hope for the Giants sake that Reese agrees as we have about a month of waiting to see what direction he decides to go in.

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