New York Giants: What It Takes To Win The NFC East


The New York Giants were 6-10 in the 2014 NFL season. Within their division they were 2-4. The Giants were swept by the Eagles, and the Cowboys. Will the 2015 Giants have what it takes to win games in the NFC East?

The Giants had the Cowboys in tough battles in 2014. They lost to the Cowboys 21-31 and 28-31. In both games the offense played well enough to win the football game, but the defense couldn’t get the stops in the second half.

There is one thing each opponent in the NFC East has in common. They all struggle in the defensive secondary. If there is a glimmer of hope, it is that the Giants have the offensive firepower to exploit this universal weakness.

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The Giants have one of the better quarterbacks in all of football in Eli Manning. They have two sensational wide receivers in Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz.

The Giants have the firepower to win shootouts against division foes, as long as they can protect Manning. The offensive line was a problem area in 2014 but it should be better in 2015. Geoff Schwartz and J.D. Walton‘s injuries were the primary cause to the problems.

Assuming that the Giants add at least one more piece to the offensive line, that began to gel down the stretch last season, the Giants offense is suited to shine against division rivals.

The Giants defense is the biggest problem area. The Cowboys have a massive offensive line that manhandled the Giants front seven. DeMarco Murray is now in Philadelphia, so he is still a primary concern.

Forget about Washington, we already know we can beat the Redskins.

The Giants defensive line is really my biggest point of emphasis. Linebackers were too busy fighting off blocks to expediently get to the football.

While the Giants have several skilled defensive linemen, they need a few immovable monsters, who can keep blockers off the linebackers. The Giants also need help at the linebacker position, but the line of scrimmage is the priority.

The Giants have the offensive talent to go toe to toe with all three division foes. They must get tougher in the defensive front 7 to win the big games against the Cowboys and the Eagles.

The best way to earn a playoff spot is to win the division. The best way to win the division is to beat the teams in your division.

If the Giants don’t win at least four NFC East contests in 2015, making the playoffs will be a struggle. The path to restoring the Big Blue allure is through beating the Cowboys and the Eagles.

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