2015 NFL Draft: Shane Ray Stock In Jeopardy


According to a report by Yahoo! Sports 2015 NFL Draft prospect Shane Ray was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana. Wow, this came at the wrong time. The monday before the draft and you get caught with marijuana?

Ray in my mind was already a limited prospect and over the course of the past week he’s dealt with two problems that could potentially hurt his draft stock. An injury and off-field issues.

Ray was rumored to have needed toe surgery which would have surely kept him out a few months, but eventually those rumors were put to bed. So, now that he’s been charged with possession of marijuana how badly does this hurt his draft stock?

Well, let’s look at another case of poor judgement dealing with another highly touted prospect named Randy Gregory. Prior to his failed drug test he was looked at as a top 5 pick by many draft pundits. Since then his stock has fallen anywhere from the middle of the 1st-round to the 2nd-round.

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I think this incident will deter some teams away from drafting him, but I don’t think it will kill his draft stock. I understand it’s illegal to use marijuana as a player in the NFL, but I think people are becoming less harsh in their thinking on the drug. I’m not condoning it, but I don’t think it’s taken with the same seriousness as other drugs.

States have it legalized and it’s used for certain medical situations. This isn’t a very hardcore drug, but again it does show a lack of judgement. At the end of the day, If he checks off physically and a team really believes in his abilities I don’t think this will be the deciding factor on if a team is willing to draft him.

I wouldn’t have taken him inside the top 10 even before his arrest or injury because of his small stature and lack of length, but this certainly won’t help him move up any draft boards.

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