2015 NFL Draft: 5 Potentially Crazy Trade Scenarios

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Mar 31, 2015; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Jameis Winston smiles during FSU Football Pro Day at the Albert J. Dunlap Athletic Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trade The First Overall Pick

As the draft was approaching, the Buccaneers said that they would listen to offers for the first overall pick. A trade of this magnitude would cost a franchise their future. I could see the Bucs trading for a first round pick from a team for the next three years. That’s something that would warrant such a gamble.

What team would be willing to give this up? I have no clue. Of course this all depends on how badly the Bucs think that they need Jameis Winston. If they Bucs chose to pass on Winston in this event, he might suffer a fall. Teams would be terrified of this event and would want to know why the Bucs passed on him.

Three first round picks makes sense, but if Winston is the quarterback that people say, it’s a bigger gamble than one would think. How often do the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys come along? If the Bucs are willing to give a player with a “Peyton Manning Football IQ” up, that’s a huge loss.

This would surely result in a drop for Winston and he would go to teams like the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and the New York Jets. It’s not such a shocker for something like this to happen.

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