Madden NFL Cover 2016: Odell Beckham Is A Semifinalist


EA is currently in the works of making the next installment in the Madden video game franchise. Who will get to grace the cover of Madden NFL 2016?  One of the most interesting parts of this process is picking the football player who will get to be on the cover.

The four semifinalists who have a chance to be on the cover are Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, Patrick Peterson, and Rob Gronkowski. EA doesn’t choose the player, they leave it up to the public to decide who gets to be on the cover.

In case most of you haven’t noticed, the New York Giants got a number of prime time games this year. Why is that exactly? Because Eli Manning is throwing touchdown passes Beckham. If the regular 6-10 Giants didn’t have Beckham, the Giants would definitely not have received those prime time games.

Now if the NFL upped the Giants prime time games for Beckham that means that the public really enjoys watching him. I bet money that the public is going to help Beckham win the Madden cover competition by a landslide.

I highly doubt Peterson will pose that much of a threat to Beckham and the rest of the candidates. He is a great player but he’s nowhere near as popular as the others. It will most likely come down to Gronk and Beckham as the two finalists. Beckham will beat Gronk in a competition that won’t even come close.

Do I even need to say why that will be the case? Beckham is the NFL’s rookie of the year, made arguably one of the greatest catches of all time in his rookie season, and still received well over 1,000 yards despite missing a couple of games.

Fun fact: Beckham would be the first New York Giant to grace the Madden cover

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