Poll: How Much Does Will Beatty Injury Hurt Giants?


The New York Giants were hoping to have massive improvement on the offensive line in 2015. There was real reason for optimism too. After drafting Ereck Flowers the Giants figured to keep Justin Pugh at right guard where he is best suited. With the right side powerful with Pugh and Flowers and the left side enhanced with a healthy Geoff Schwartz, it seemed like all problems were solved.

That was before the Will Beatty injury. Beatty will be out 5-6 months meaning he will miss at least the first four games of the 2015 season. How much will this injury hurt the Giants in 2015?

The entire offensive line needed to prove itself, the Giants are still hopeful that Pugh can begin to play like the first round pick he was. Pugh’s play has been inconsistent though I still see good potential for him.

Before the draft many pundits said that offensive tackle was the team’s biggest need. This is a need the team filled by drafting Flowers. With Beatty injured however the Giants are back to square one with their offensive line.

One of the biggest problems for the Giants in 2014 was their inability to run block. The Giants rushing attack was many times nonexistent. The Giants depended solely on Eli Manning’s arm to get the job done offensively.

That’s not the end of the world when you have a rookie Odell Beckham Jr. playing out of this world and Larry Donnell emerging as a quality tight end.

The problem is that without a run game the offense is completely one dimensional. The defense can simply be in attack mode and rush Manning relentlessly. Remember the Jaguars game? The Giants got out to a 21-0 game but the pass protection waned in the second half and the Jaguars defense really brought them back to win the game.

How the offensive line would perform with Beatty was a question mark; without Beatty it is a paramount concern. So Giants Nation what do you think? Answer our poll question and be sure to chime in on the comment section.

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