Poll: What Should New York Giants Do With Pierre-Paul?


Well in the dog days of the offseason, there typically isn’t much to talk about. When there is NFL news in July it is almost always bad news. The New York Giants got some bad news this past week, when their star defensive end got injured in a fireworks accident. Jason Pierre-Paul’s unfortunate situation has put the Giants organization in a tough spot. We want to hear from you, Giants Nation! What should the Giants do with Pierre-Paul?

If the Giants keep their franchise tag on the table, and Pierre-Paul signs it, the Giants will give him $14.8 million dollars this season. The Giants had given Pierre-Paul a long-term contract offer but rescinded it upon the news of the mishap. Should the Giants keep the franchise tag on Pierre-Paul?

The franchise tag for a defensive end is a rather large cap hit for the team. It shows you a certain level of commitment that the Giants organization has had to Paul. The Giants value Pierre-Paul so much that they were willing to pay the hefty franchise tag, rather than lose their best defensive player.

The Giants were working to lock up Pierre-Paul for years to come before any of this happened. He was going to be the centerpiece of the defenses revival under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Pierre-Paul had a very respectable 12.5 sacks last season.

If the Giants rescind their franchise tag that means Pierre-Paul is a free agent. The Giants would likely see Pierre-Paul go to another team. Is this not so happy ending the only way?

Pierre-Paul could come back from this injury. It won’t be easy but it is doable. He made the decision to amputate his right index finger because it would get him on the field sooner. Pierre-Paul will have to relearn to play the game but his explosive athletic ability isn’t going away. The last thing any of us want to see is a motivated Pierre-Paul playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pierre-Paul isn’t helping the Giants in their decision making process. According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, Pierre-Paul will wait to sign his franchise tag tender until he can pass a physical. It is a frustrating but calculated move to avoid being put on the N.F.I. (Non Football Injury) list. It is easy to forget that the NFL’s a business and Pierre-Paul has to make the best call for his career.

So Giants fans, now it is time to ask you. What should the Giants do about the Pierre-Paul situation?