New York Giants Vs. Buffalo Bills: 3 Key Matchups

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Sep 27, 2015; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan on the sidelines in the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium where Buffalo defeated the Dolphins 41-14. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

I love these articles. They’re fun to write—and I hope you find my writing as much fun to read—maybe on a scale of 1-10, give it a 4? Silliness aside, it’s fun but also useful to examine matchups on a weekly basis. Football is a game of matchups, and often times teams are trying to find out where the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses lie so they know where to be most aggressive and where to take chances.

Yes, a fairly obvious concept, but as much as we may love to break it down from every angle football’s a pretty simple game—sometimes it’s the basic things that need to be analyzed.

When I look at this game—from the perspective of a Giants fan—I look at three key matchups for Big Blue and some weaknesses on this Buffalo team they could look to exploit. And some strengths that they’ll have to combat through Sunday’s game. I lay them out here:

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