Will Jason Pierre-Paul Improve The Giants’ Pass Rush?


Jason Pierre-Paul finally resurfaced and returned to the New York Giants. The Giants obviously feel as if he could be close to the same kind of player he used to be since they signed him. Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese are not in a place to be taking chances, so the odds are pretty high that Pierre-Paul will be ready to go.

Once plugged into the lineup, it’s a mystery as to whether or not he could generate a viable pass rush for the Giants’ defense. The Giants’ desperately need it because they are ranked as one of the worst teams in the league in sacks. Not being able to generate a pass rush makes the Giants’ defense very vulnerable.

Currently, Damontre Moore is the leading the team in sacks. Pairing him up with Pierre-Paul could create a lot of pressure for opposing quarterbacks. That is of course, barring that Pierre-Paul is going to be effective.

The odds are that Pierre-Paul is going to need time to get back into the groove of playing football. After a player is out for a significant amount of time, the odds are slim that they come back and make an impact immediately. It takes some serious adjusting to get back into a football mindset and get used to the grind again.

To the Giants delight, Pierre-Paul has maintained some sort of football shape. The Giants were impressed with his stature. However, Coughlin did report that Pierre-Paul does need to gain more muscle and will be spending time in the weight room.

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Steve Spagnuolo may let Pierre-Paul be limited in his first contest. Spagnuolo will not let him play every single down when his capabilities are unknown. It is most likely that Pierre-Paul is eased into the defensive rotation.

Look for Pierre-Paul to return no sooner than week 10. He will be going up against the New England Patriots.