Can The New York Giants’ Offense Out Gun The Saints?


The New York Giants’ offense has been nothing short of a joke these past couple of weeks. In the first couple games of the season the Giants’ offense looked like it could be one of the best in the league . Now they are lucky if they can score a touchdown or two.

The correct terminology would be that the Giants’ offense is out of sync. They clearly have the firepower to succeed because we have seen it before. Part of the problem has been the poor play from the offensive’ line. Whenever the Giants’ offensive line is having a good day, Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants have a good day. It goes hand and hand.

The Giants have to be extremely careful in their match-up against the New Orleans Saints. This game has shootout written all over it. The tough part is figuring out whether or not the Giants’ offense is going to have a good day or not. The Saints’ defense is ripe for the picking.

The Giants’ defense and special teams can’t win this game alone. They have played some pretty below average quarterbacks in recent games so this will be a huge test for Steve Spagnuolo’s unit.

If it comes down to a shootout, the Giants are not going to keep up. Their offensive schemes are currently a mess. Manning needs to be on the same page as Beckham and Ruben Randle in order to beat the Saints. Manning is just as much ay fault as the rest of the offense. It’s up to the quarterback to establish a rhythm.

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Drew Brees is currently on fire and his play at home is stellar. If the Giants were at home they would be favored in the matchup, but when it comes to paying in the Superdome Brees is king.