New York Giants’ Offense Is Ray Of Hope For Rest Of Season


Well, that was fun while it lasted. The New York Giants’ offense put on quite a show today. The Giants and New Orleans Saints traded blows back and forth to put up a combined 101 points in total. The Saints came out on top 52-49. Despite this demoralizing loss, the Giants should have hope for the rest of the season.

Odell Beckham’s prediction came true, the Giants’ offense was ready to explode and it did. Eli Manning absolutely shined for 350 yards, six touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Manning totally bounced back from last weeks mediocre performance against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants’ offense had no problem driving down the field and taking advantage of the Saint’s poor secondary which was a good sign. If their offense was constantly stalling, it would be a really bad sign. Make no mistake the Saints are not a joke of a team, especially when they play at home. Drew Brees stats when he plays in the Superdome are extremely impressive.

The Giants have to look past this game and look on to the future. They have a juicy matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week. If they bring the offense they showed today to Tampa, they should have no problem locking up that game.

It doesn’t matter if the Giants lost this week because the NFC East is still wide open. The Giants don’t have much of a commanding lead, but they proved that they could compete with some of the better teams in the league. Keeping up with Brees in a shootout until the very end of the game is a feat not accomplished by many.

The NFC East being wide open is a good and bad thing for the Giants. It is good because they are probably favored to win the division given the state of the rest of the teams. It is a bad thing because if the Giants aren’t careful they could easily lose their foot hold on the division with a couple of boneheaded mistakes.

If the Giants don’t win next week against the Buccaneers, the team is going to be in serious trouble. The Buccaneers shouldn’t be taken lightly since they took down the very formidable Atlanta Falcons.