Poll: Who’s the better QB Eli Manning or Tony Romo?


Fans of the teams in the NFC East could all agree that the debate over Eli Manning and Tony Romo could go on forever. Both players have their strengths and weaknesses.  Manning and Romo are also both underrated in their own way. How do we determine who’s the better quarterback? Here are some interesting stats between the two players that may help.

Manning’s stats are in the top column and Romo’s are in the bottom column.

Super BowlsPlayoff recordWin/Loss regular seasonTouchdownsYardsCompletion percentageInt

According to this chart, Manning may not be the more efficient quarterback when it comes to completions and interceptions. However, he does know how to win. You can’t take away his amazing playoff record and whopping 95 wins total. Romo struggles in the playoffs going there six times and losing four of the contests.

Being the best stats quarterbacks doesn’t matter in the end. What matters the most is if you can win games. Manning has proven time and time again that he can come up huge. It’s very hard to find a quarterback in this league who could command respect of a team, play big in key moments, and be able to win from behind.

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Romo is a great quarterback hands down. He is among the top ten for sure, but it all boils down to wins. You could have the greatest stats in the world and not be able to play in key moments.

If you had to start an NFL franchise, which quarterback would you choose to be on your team? Manning or Romo? Vote and comment below on your opinions!