Giants Defeat Buccaneers 32-18 With A Powerful Statement


The New York Giants really know how to end football games, whether it be good or bad. Last week they ended on a very depressing note losing when your quarterback throws for six touchdowns. This week it was quite the opposite. The Giants ended their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a defensive touchdown and no time on the clock. It was a very impressive play by Trevin Wade.

The Giants’ defense struggled all game long. They completely failed at covering the deep pass. Mike Evans ran all over the Giants’ secondary. If it were not for a couple of key drops by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ receivers, it could have been a very different game. A win is a win in the end, but there is still a lot to be addressed for Big Blue.

The fact that the Giants ended the game with their third straight defensive touchdown in the past three games was very important. It shows opposing offensives that not matter how bad the Giants’ defense may play, they are still dangerous if given the opportunity.

Jason Pierre-Paul clearly struggled in the beginning of the contest. That was bound to happen given the fact that he hasn’t played football in months. This game was more like a preseason game for him.

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However, as the game progressed Pierre-Paul did seem to improve. He got acclimated to the game and didn’t seem to be bothered by his injury. Pierre-Paul appeared to have more speed than strength do to the fact that he lost a lot of weight in his time away.

The Giants go back home from their road trip of the south to play the New England Patriots next week. The Super Bowl rematch should be very interesting given the fact that Tom Brady has been lighting up NFL defenses every week.