GMENHQ Thanks America’s Veterans


Today is Veterans Day and everyone here at GMENHQ would like to thank the brave men and women who have served in our military. The United States of America is a magical place and we can never take freedom, liberty and our way of life for granted. We write about football because it is America’s passion. You love the Giants, you love the game of football because it is engrained in our American tradition.

We get to write about the game we love every day and we only get to do this because of the brave men and women who keep us safe. We get to do what we love because America’s veterans have sacrificed their time, risked their lives and put the U.S.A. before themselves. To the veterans of the U.S. Military, thank you so much for being the selfless heroes that you are. You have set the bar for American greatness. It is because of you that we get to live with freedom and liberty and it is because of you that we get to go all out in the pursuit of happiness.

There may never be enough words to thank the veterans. But we really wanted to make sure that our veterans know how much we appreciate them. We love the troops, we love them for the commitment to something bigger than themselves. So we decided to all say something in honor of Veterans Day.

Eric Mollo wanted to give credit to Tom Coughlin for his work with the military:

Tom Coughlin and The Military By Eric Mollo

Nov 8, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) talks with head coach Tom Coughlin against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. New York Giants defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32-18. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Coughlin has quite a lengthy list of football achievements. Topped by three Super Bowls (one as a wide receivers coach when the Giants won Super Bowl XXV), he played collegiately at Syracuse, served as a head coach at both the college and pro level, and is one of the winningest coaches in NFL history.

As with any coach, player, public sports figure, off-field accomplishments, or non-sports-related achievements, aren’t as often recognized, some not at all. For Coughlin, however, he chose to use his position as the head coach of an NFL team as a tool to help veterans. And for this, he’s deservedly received a tremendous honor and has earned the respect of many.

Joined by other well-known NFLers on military visits—John Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Jon Gruden, and Bill Cowher—Coughlin has made a very intentional commitment to honoring veterans. He’s visited veterans in Iraq and the Persian Gulf region, and has asked for injured veterans to join the Giants for practices and games. For all his work and dedication, he and four others, including Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh, received the “Outstanding Civilian Service Award” in 2012 for their efforts in military outreach.

Coughlin has had the privilege of using what he loves and does for a living to make a greater impact on the lives of others. He chose to serve others in quite honorable fashion: by helping the nation’s veterans.

Coughlin’s said in the past he has “always, always had great respect for those who served.” He’s shown that through his actions. And we at GMENHQ thank Coughlin and all those dedicated to serving our nation’s veterans. And we thank our veterans on Veterans Day, for all they do to protect us and defend our freedom.

Here is Peter Vitella’s thank you message:

"Thank you to all the veterans for serving our country and making it safe. Thank you for giving up so much for al of our freedom. You people have jobs more important than anyone in sports. Thank you for making our country a free one. Have a happy Veteran’s day."

Here is Co-Editor Anthony Sciarratta’s thank you message:

"Thank you to all the veterans that give so much so that we can enjoy some of the greatest aspects of our life. We wouldn’t have most of the things that we love if it wasn’t for you, including football. It’s important that we support our troops and their families in any way that we can."