Can The Giants Really Knock Off The Patriots?


It is always fun to watch the New York Giants and New England Patriots square off. The two rivals really don’t like one another. The Giants have had the Patriots number in recent years, but can they keep their streak alive? The answer is yes, but a lot has to fall in the Giants’ favor.

Tom Brady and the Patriots have a point to prove as most can see. They want to prove to the world that last years’ Super Bowl victory was not a fluke. What better way to do that than to improve to 9-0 and knock off the team that beat them twice on the biggest stage in American sports.

The good news is that Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin don’t let things like this get to them. That is why they always find a way to be the Patriots. A good portion of the Patriots game plan is to mess with the opposing teams’ minds.

Whether is Deflategate, Spygate, or locker room bugs teams always have their minds on something else when they play the Patriots.

Manning and Coughlin could care less about any of these allegations. They are only focused on winning the game and that calm demeanor is what propels them to an eventual victory.

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This time around things are a lot different. The Giants’ defense is no where near as good as it used to be. Their secondary is going to have a very hard time containing the likes of Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.

The only way to win the game is to control the clock. The Giants have to possess the ball more than the Patriots in order to win. The more the Giants keep the Patriots offense off the field, the more of a chance they have to win. Coughlin will to try to lean on the ground and pound approach in this game.