3 Reasons The Giants Signed Hakeem Nicks

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  1. Nicks Will Help Eli Manning And Dwayne Harris’ Chemistry

Should Nicks start taking snaps on the outside from Rueben Randle, it would mean Dwayne Harris, who made a nice turnaround catch along the sideline this past weekend, would play more in the slot—where he’s more suited and where Cruz was supposed to play. It’s as if signing Nicks means the Giants get a more permanent slot receiver. Harris could focus his attention primarily in that role.

I think it would help the Giants to know that Harris will be sticking in the slot most of the time. Given the way Randle’s struggled, the Giants won’t have to kick Harris to the outside too often should they sit Randle a few plays.

It’s not ideal, but at this point, the Giants need to know they could have someone to rely on behind Odell Beckham and Dwayne Harris, who is still coming along as a receiver in his own right.

Hakeem Nicks may not be the Hakeem Nicks we knew him as four years ago, but he should still serve as a steady presence behind the three receivers in front of him. And that could prove vital for their stretch run.