Poll: What Was Greatest Catch In Giants History?


The New York Giants are known for many things but incredible catches may be at the top of the list. It started in the Super Bowl against the undefeated New England Patriots. The Giants needed a first down to keep their game winning drive alive. Manning rolled out of the pocket and avoided several potential sacks. He fired up the football and David Tyree caught it by pinning it against his helmet. Many people believe that play to be the greatest catch in NFL history.

So when we discuss the greatest receptions in Giants history, David Tyree has to be at the top of the discussion. Several years later Odell Beckham Jr. became a sensation. It all started with a Sunday Night Football game that a nationwide NBC audience will never forget. Beckham Jr. leaped into the air and secured the football behind his head using on three fingers.

The catch has been the subject of much hype. People can’t help but be amazed when they see that catch. Many people think that was the most spectacular catch in NFL history. It was certainly a play that will never be duplicated. What makes are jaws drop is when athletes defy what we know to be possible.

The SNF catch will probably always be the catch we remember the most, because nobody in the media will ever stop talking about it. Beckham Jr. had another incredible catch against the Redskins. Snuck in a nationally unappealing 1 pm start, Beckham Jr. made an equally difficult catch in the end zone. Manning threw it where only Beckham Jr. could grab it. Beckham dived and secured it with one hand. He tucked it in and kept control as he fell hard to the ground. This one was insane. It may never get the hype of the three finger snag but it is perhaps even more impressive.

So Giants fans, what is the greatest catch in your team’s history? Vote in our poll and be sure to take this discussion with us on social media!