Damontre Moore Released, Claimed By Dolphins


According to reports an altercation over headphones was the Giants” last straw. The Giants released defensive end Damontre Moore. Before the season we all thought that Moore could have a breakout season. This is a difficult outcome for a disappointing season.

Moore had done next to nothing well on the field. He had 3 sacks, and sometimes when he got to the QB it was a bad thing. Costly roughing the passer penalties were the 23 year old defensive end’s calling card. Moore has shown a lack of maturity as a member of the Giants. The Giants have seen enough.

The Giants are thin at the defensive end position. This is another sign that the Giants were fed up with Moore. In the late stages of a potential playoff push, the Giants chose to do away with a talented player. That says it all.

The Giants may regret letting a young player like Moore go. Make no mistake though, the move was justified. If Moore was playing well, this kerfuffle would have blown over. The Giants had high hopes for Moore. They invested a third round draft pick on him. Clearly, the Giants were acting on more than an incident in the locker room. It is hard to give up on a third round pick and it is telling that the organization did.

Moore has been claimed by the Miami Dolphins (ironically this is the team the Giants just beat). Hopefully this is a new beginning for Moore and he does not take the Dolphins employment for granted. At the end of the day, Moore is a young player who has a chance to turn around his career.