Giants Vs. Dolphins: Post Game Quick Hits


"Odell Beckham Jr. Does It Again:"

“Talk about completing the process that is one of the best processes I’ve ever seen” Jon Gruden declared on ESPN’s broadcast of Monday Night Football. He was of course commenting on the spectacular catch of Odell Beckham Jr. In the third quarter. The touchdown grab was called an incomplete pass on the field but Tom Coughlin’s challenge was successful.

The catch was unbelievable. He got both feet down just in bounds falling to the ground with his arms out, holding the football. He dragged the football on the ground without even a bobble. You had to see the catch to believe it was possible. The touchdown was also unbelievably important. It tied the game at 24-24.

Eli Manning Shines: 

You could not have a better performance from Eli Manning. Manning completed over 80 percent of his passes in the Giants critical victory. On a key third down after the two-minute warning Manning found Beckham Jr. for a first down. The Giants called on their great passer to end the game. When you look back on Manning’s career, this may be one of the best games of his career. Manning went 37-41 for 337 yards and four touchdowns. Wow!

The Giants Finished What They Started: 

The Giants have had so many fourth quarter leads slip away from them this season. It was nice to see the team finish this game. They got the defensive stop they needed. They ran the clock out. The Giants plain and simple took care of business. Hopefully the Giants can gain some confidence from this strong late game push that can end their pattern of giving up leads.