New York Giants: Pass Rush Would Solve Problems


The New York Giants pass rush just is not good enough. There are only a few games left and the Giants have fewer than 20 sacks on the year. They have the worst pass defense in football.

The Giants secondary is no “Legion of Boom” but with pass rush they would be greatly improved. If you give a quarterback all day to throw the football, he will shred you apart. The secondary is in a no win situation. If they play zone, the QB has all day to find the window. If they play man the cornerbacks have a lot of pressure on them.

Pass rush allows the coverage to be imperfect. There is no defense that is weakness free, that is just a fact. Rushing the passer make him speed up his decision making and his delivery and can affect his accuracy. If no defense is perfect and you have no pass rush, the QB has all the cards.

The Giants secondary has some talent. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has ball skills and tenacity. Landon Collins has a Kam Chancellor like skill set. This is not a great secondary but it looks worse than it really is.

The Giants players are who they are. The talent level of this team isn’t rising. The Giants have to get there schematically. They have to bring the house. And while blitzing takes people out of coverage it is the only choice at this point. The Giants will get burnt no matter what if they don’t get after the quarterback.

It would not make the secondary great but it would greatly behoove them. The Giants need pass rush and they will struggle without it.