Eli Manning Vs. Cam Newton


You might think that Eli Manning and Cam Newton are complete opposites, but they have a few things in common. Both Manning and Newton are the clear leader of their respective teams. Both Manning and Newton are class acts who their teammates love to play with. Manning and Newton do it in very different ways but they are both magnificent on and off the field.

Newton celebrates a touchdown with a dance. Manning celebrates a touchdown with a slight smile and a calm jog to the sideline. Maybe Manning will incorporate a fist pump or a high five but hos demeanor is very quiet. Their personalties are night and day but the result is very similar. Both quarterbacks give the Giants a chance to win.

Manning and Newton are both gunslingers. They believe in their arm. While Newton is an incredible athlete he is a passer first. If you would have told me that Newton would throw this well from the pocket coming out of Auburn, I would not have believed you.

Newton is a threat to run, Manning is certainly not. Newton uses this ability to run to set up plays in the passing game. He truly is Super Cam because the Panthers offense is built around him and it works.

Manning is the traditional pocket passer. Newton is a new kind of quarterback and in my mind the new MVP of the National Football League. What Newton brings to the table is special. His numbers are not always amazing because of the run based offense in which he plays, but he certainly passes the eye test. What he is doing at the quarterback position we’ve never seen before.

Both Manning and Newton are great leaders. Both Manning and Newton are class acts that can be looked up to as a role model. Both Manning and Newton give their team a chance to win. I know we are comparing the quarterbacks, but just imagine if Eli Manning had the type of talent around him that Cam Newton has. The Panthers are undefeated for a reason and the Giants are 6-7 for a reason.