Odell Beckham Loses It, Must Be Suspended


There is no way to sugar coat this situation. The New York Giants put their playoff hopes on life support with their eighth loss on the year, but that’s a discussion for another article. What we need to talk about now is the absence of maturity and level headedness shown by Odell Beckham. Three personal fouls were called on Beckham, in his game long tantrum.

One of those infractions merited an ejection from the game in my opinion. They allowed Beckham to remain in the action but a suspension could easily be granted. On the play in question he drove the crown of his helmet into Panthers cornerback, Josh Norman’s helmet. It was an after the fact, unnecessary cheap shot. Every Giants fan loves Beckham but no fan should be okay with his actions today.

The NFL preaches integrity of the game. If you don’t punish a dirty play (that thankfully did not do the worst possibe damage) like that Roger Goodell, you have officially ran out of legs to stand on. The NFL preaches player saftey and has tried to take the head area out of the game as much as possible. Lodging your helmet through another players helmet for nothing but childish retaliation  has to be taken as a serious offense.

Beckham acted like a clown today and I hope he is held accountable. I hope this for his own sake. Beckham is a diva wide receiver. If the Giants aren’t careful he will begin to think that he is special and entitled. He will lack discipline and he will think he can do whatever his heart desires. Beckham has to be treated without kid gloves if he is going to grow up.

Mocking Cam Newton by doing his celebratory dance and show-boating by itself is not that big of a deal. When you add this to punches and cheap shots on the field of play, it is a big deal. Beckham had no respect for Josh Norman or the Carolina Panthers. Beckham escalated things way beyond the actual game. He made it a fight and he couldn’t take it nearly as well as he could dish it out.

There is a line that you just don’t cross and Beckham sprinted over that line. He is an incredible athlete but he showed that he has a lot of growing up to do.