New York Giants: Do They Lack Discipline?


The New York Giants are led by a coach that famously asks you to show up five minutes early to meetings. Tom Coughlin is seen as a tough coach who preaches discipline. That being said, the team displays very little discipline.

The Giants can’t seem to play a complete game. They either build a lead and let it go or they don’t show up for three quarters and turn it up at the last minute. Discipline means playing the best that you can throughout the game. The Giants clearly do not do that and it is baffling.

Then you have the Odell Beckham cheap shot on Josh Norman. A young player lost his composure (after being thoroughly provoked) and did something foolish. If it were not for the 3 personal fouls in total it would be a different story. I don’t care how young he is, Beckham is the best player on the team and he is looked up to because of it. The team is going to take after their leaders.
The Giants cut ties with Damontre Moore for childish behavior. Moore wasn’t the only Giant though, who has had his issues this season. I was in favor of the Moore release because it showed that the players were accountable for their decisions.

The Giants are a team that doesn’t do the little things. Costly penalties add up in a season of would have and could have. The Giants don’t deliver when they need to most. How many big games have the Giants fallen in.

The Giants do indeed have a discipline problem. At the end of the day this is a Tom Coughlin problem. It falls on his shoulders. If he cannot instill discipline in his team than it may be time for him to retire.