Odell Beckham: Among Giants Most Embarrassing Moments of All-Time?

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Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Giants fan than when I watched Odell Beckham have a total meltdown on the field against Josh Norman, Cortland Finnegan, and the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. That’s saying a lot. I had Jets fans tweeting me sarcastically about how “classy” our organization is. Panthers fans texting me about OBJ’s life expectancy. It was ugly. It earned him a one-game suspension and possibly cost the Giants their postseason. But, was it among the Giants most embarrassing moment of all-time?

The Giants have provided fans with a fair amount of embarrassing moments. Of course, the franchise is still considered one of the most successful in league history and the fanbase shouldn’t be as red-faced as, say, backers of the Lions or Browns. However, that doesn’t mean Big Blue’s faithful have never experienced showers of shame. This season alone has given fans an embarrassment of embarrassments, which I’ll get to in a whole ‘nother article. This article will focus on the Giants most embarrassing moments of all-time.