Odell Beckham: Among Giants Most Embarrassing Moments of All-Time?

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Landeta’s Whiff against the Bears in Divisional Playoff, January 5th, 1986

I don’t mean to pick on Sean Landeta for having the Windy City blow the ball just enough to miss his foot on a punt, but it’s the most memorable embarrassing moment from that 21-0 loss to Chicago. It’s somewhat comforting knowing that the Bears went on a rampage, destroying everyone else in their path.

NFC Wild Card Game vs. Minnesota Vikings, December 27th, 1997

The Giants were up 19-3 after the first half and up 9 points in the 4th quarter. Then they allowed a touchdown with about 90 seconds left in the game, couldn’t recover the onside kick, and watched Minnesota drive to a game-winning field goal. This would go down as the biggest comeback win by a road team in the playoffs since 1972, and the first postseason win for the Vikings in 9 years.

Super Bowl XXXV vs. Baltimore Ravens, January , 2001

Kerry Collins threw four interceptions (then a Super Bowl record) and completed only 15 of 39 passes for 112 yards. Brad Maynard set a Super Bowl record with 11 punts. I watched this game in my fraternity house at school in Baltimore. I went nuts when Ron Dixon took the kickoff to the house and was almost immediately shooshed when Jermaine Lewis returned the favor on the ensuing kick. This is also considered by many as the most devastating loss in playoff history.