Odell Beckham: Among Giants Most Embarrassing Moments of All-Time?

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NFC Wild Card Game vs. San Francisco 49ers, January, 5th, 2003

Sometimes, I’ll still watch this debacle unfold on the NFL Network. Why? Because I like pain? Because sometimes I think maybe the refs get the final call correct (pass interference) and they re-kick and Matt Bryant nails it, the Giants advance and give Tampa a run for their money. Yet, I’m still in awe over how this game unraveled from a blowout win to a 1-point loss. Up 38-14, only to lose 39-38. How Strahan told Owens to check the scoreboard after what appeared to be a meaningless 49ers score. Shockey dropping a touchdown. Barber blowing kisses to the crowd. Shaun Williams losing his mind. I’m pretty sure this was the event that inspired, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Giants at Seahawks, November 27th, 2005

Jay Feely missing three field goals. The Giants shutout loss to the Panthers in the playoffs at home is VERY close to making this list. I’m fairly certain that if the Giants win that game against Seattle, both teams end up with 12-4 records, Giants own the tiebreaker (head to head) and Big Blue doesn’t have to play in the Wild Card game against Carolina.

Titans vs. Giants, November 26th, 2006

You think blowing a handful of 10 point leads in the fourth quarter is bad? How about allowing 24 points in the final frame to lose to Vince Young when you were up 21-0? Unfortunately, Mathias Kiwanuka took the brunt of the blame.