New York Giants Best Non-Playoff Teams of All-Time

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1994 New York Giants

Record: 9-7-0, Finished 2nd in NFC East

Scored 279 points (17.4/g), 22nd of 28 in the NFL. Allowed 305 points (19.1/g), 8th

  • 5 point loss to the Saints in Week 5
  • 4 point loss to the Steelers in Week 8
  • 3 point overtime loss to the Lions in Week 9
  • 1 point loss to the Cardinals in Week 11

Two touchdowns and the ’94 Giants might’ve gone 13-3 and might’ve secured homefield advantage over the Niners! One more win and Dave Brown’s Giants would’ve leapfrogged the Packers, Lions, and Bears to clinch a Wild Card and secure the #4 seed. Two more wins No Pro Bowlers, but a top 10 defense that included Strahan, Jesse Armstead, Michael Brooks, Phillippi Sparks, and Jesse Campbell.

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1991 New York Giants

Record: 8-8-0, Finished 4th in NFC East

Scored 281 points (17.6/g), 19th of 28 in the NFL. Allowed 297 points (18.6/g), 12th

How can a team that finished in 4th in its division be considered good or among the best?

Well, let’s take a look:

  • 6 point loss to the Rams in Week 2
  • 3 point loss to the Bears in Week 3
  • 5 point loss to the Cowboys in Week 5
  • 4 point loss to the Redskins in Week 9
  • 3 point loss to the Bengals in Week 14
  • 5 point loss to the Eagles in Week 15

If they’d beaten the Bears and Eagles, they would be 10-6 and own the tiebreaker against Chicago and San Fran. The quarterback controversy didn’t help as Simms and Hostetler were battling for snaps. Leonard Marshall led the team with 11 sacks as LT had an off year with only 7. Mark Collins and Everson Walls had 4 picks apiece.

Pepper Johnson topped all other tacklers with 104 takedowns. If Bill Parcells were still coach, this team could’ve gone 14-2. Instead, Ray Handley watched Washington run roughshod over the league to an easy Super Bowl win.