New York Giants Face A Rough Road Schedule In 2016


The New York Giants will finish with a losing record this season and miss the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. While the leadership of the Giants is uncertain for next season, much of the 2016 schedule is now in place. The non-division slate was released yesterday and at first glance, the games away from the comfort of MetLife Stadium will make the road to a playoff berth next year a rocky one.

It’s difficult to predict how any team in the NFL will look next season, but judging by this year’s performance, the Giants face three or possibly four strong opponents in their house. New York will travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and Heinz Field to face Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers. The Giants will go back up to Minnesota where they just got embarrassed and perhaps get a break when they head to Cleveland to face the lowly Browns.

The home schedule in 2016 looks less daunting as only one of their opponents will be heading to the postseason this year. The Giants will face the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals at MetLife Stadium. The final home opponent will be either the Saints or the Buccaneers depending on the results of Week 17.

The final road game will also be determined by the Week 17 when the Giants host the Philadelphia Eagles. New York will either head to Seattle to play the playoff-bound Seahawks or to London to play the St. Louis Rams at Twickenham Stadium.

While Week 17 is meaningless for the 2015 season, it will determine the final road opponent for 2016 which adds an interesting wrinkle to a game some Giants fans may be inclined to skip. Some have dubbed Eagles vs. Giants the “Loser Goes To London” game like the wrestling matches of old. Strictly from a strategic standpoint as a Giants fan, who would you rather face: a team heading to the playoffs in their house or a sub-.500 team at a neutral site?