Victor Cruz Makes a Manning Face for Katie Nolan on Garbage Time


On Garbage Time with Katie Nolan, Katie asked New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz to give her his best Manning Face and, as you can see from the video, Cruz absolutely nailed it.

The Manning Face has long been the face of bewilderment, confusion, and failure, yet is also the explanation for the inexplicable (as in, how can the same guy who throws horrible pick sixes and fumbles while trying to slide also defeat Tom Brady twice in comeback fashion?). Never has a two-time Super Bowl MVP been so disrespected, but instead of taking umbrage, both Eli Manning and the Big Blue faithful have embraced the face. Eli being Eli, taking it in stride. Reminding his detractors that he can still do things that will make you shake your head in disbelief just as much as when he messes up.

Personally, my favorite Manning Face is this one:

As for Victor, he’s been making the rounds with the media at Super Bowl 50 and has insisted he’ll be ready for the 2016 regular season.


"“I’m feeling good, finally back to feeling about 100 percent, no more pain in the calf,” he said. “Now it’s just a matter of continuing the strength work and rehab work to get back to running and cutting and all of that good stuff. So I’m excited for the process. Mentally, I’ve overcome so much these past two years, even, and so I’m excited to get back out there, start running.”"

Victor also stated that he hasn’t been approached by the Giants to restructure his contract, but would re-work it to stay.

While Cruz’s future is in question, barring any setbacks, his potential upside is astronomical and damn near euphoric.

And, to think, we might not even know Victor’s name if it weren’t for one of Eli’s brother’s favorite targets, Brandon Stokley.