Top performing position players the Giants would kill for


Top performers needed. So appears the want ad currently posted in the New York classifieds based on the last two week’s performances around the NFL.

The New York Giants may be “ascending” the rankings according to the nationally recognized indices. However, the top performers are not on the Giants roster and need to be mentioned.

Top Quarterbacks

In a league where every year gives a team a chance at reaching the playoffs, this is unique year because of the exceptional talent that is apparent only in the first two weeks of play.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has passed for a jaw-dropping 732 yards, with two touchdowns and leads the league.

Even in a loss, fantasy sources recently reported that he managed to throw for over 300 yards.

Compared to Eli manning, the Giants seem to be putting up college football numbers.

Wide receivers

Stefon Diggs may be the most valuable player to his team. It’s too bad the Giants don’t have him. As good as Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard have been, 238 yards in receiving could make Giants fans envious to a dangerous degree.

Offensive/Defensive linemen

Jerry Reese did not draft a suitable linebacker during this year’s draft. That was a serious mistake. Super Bowl defending champion Von Miller leads the league in sacks (4) which is more than the entire Giants’ defensive line in total. Adding Miller to the Giants line-up would be brutal.


Kwon Alexander leads to entire league with 24 tackles. The Giants needed an Alexander in the first games of the season to limit the opposing offense’s capability of scoring and covering on downs. The Giants are ranked modestly in their hopes to make the playoffs (53%) and Alexander’s presence would cement the Giants chances or at least increase the odds of reducing points allowed.

Running Backs

The Big Blue have handed the ball to Rashad Jennings and have gotten some help in improving rushing numbers. Unfortunately, Jenning’s contribution pales in comparison to the NFL’s top performer on the Pittsburgh Steelers, D’Angelo Williams who rushed for 237 yards. Boy would the Giants like to have Williams as a running back in those 3rd and short situations to give Manning more options in leading his men along the field.

With a payroll of over 200 million dollars, fans expect their players to lead in the standings. NFL teams in other conferences have superior talent and the Giants can only add them to their wish list for next season.