Giants vs. Packers: The Madden 17 Simulator Says…


EA Sports Madden 17 predicts this Sunday Night’s New York Giants versus Green Bay Packers match-up at Lambeau Field.

Starting with the Giants vs. Saints in Week 2 and continuing through the 2016 NFL season, GMen HQ will use Madden 17 to predict Big Blue’s weekly match-ups ahead of the game. We’ll simulate each game 10 times and give you the results, assessing the quarterback comparison and the Giants’ defense. The Giants at Packers is next in Week 5.

Last week’s Madden Sim had the Giants beating the Minnesota Vikings by an average score of 24-20. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The fashion it didn’t happen in was emphatic too, as the guys in purple dominated Big Blue 24-10. The Redskins and Saints simulations were interestingly close however.

Giants @ Packers 2016

The G-Men need a win in the worst way. They’re 2-2, but with all the negative press surrounding them, you’d think they were 0-4. Their two season-opening victories have been rendered a distant memory, thanks to a struggling offense and public in-fighting.

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Winning cures everything though. It’s always done the trick in New York, and just about everywhere else. If Big Blue can get back in the win column, all is forgiven and forgotten. If Beckham Jr. catches eight passes for 140 yards and a score, suddenly no one’s thinking about his transgressions. But is beating Green Bay realistic? Let’s see what the Madden Sim thinks.

Final Result: GB wins 8/10

49. 19.9. 31. Final. 27.4

Sim Offense

Eli  Manning      yds- TD/INT- completion percentage:  241.6- 1.7/1.0- 63.6 percent

Aaron Rodgers yds- TD/INT- completion percentage:  275.3- 2.4/0.5- 66.4 percent

Sim Defense

Total yards allowed: 376.1

Passing- rushing:  275.3 – 100.8

Sacks- turnovers:  2.0 – 0.8