New York Giants legend Carl Banks breaks down the 2018 team

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Banks won’t sugarcoat things for fans as an analyst. He gives an honest break down of New York’s roster, which attributes to some of the joys and difficulties he has covering his former team.

"“It’s a difficulty and a joy to walk out on the practice field with a roster sheet looking at numbers and looking at players because there’s so many new faces. Then learning those guys and learning what they do well, so that I can come on the network and give fans a real fair and clear assessment of how they should view the team. There are so many times where you get the home team analyst that only wants to give you the rosy picture. I think one of the things that we are fortunately able to do is to give a fair assessment without having to sugarcoat it. That’s what Giants fans want. They’re not the group that wants the rosy picture all the time. They want to know if a guy needs to improve on something, and we’re there for that information.”"

Banks, who is also known for his work with Starter apparel and his G-III brand, is helping fans get ready for the upcoming season, particularly Thursday Night Football.

"“We have a lot going on. One of the things the fans can really look forward to is a Thursday night gridiron collection. It kind of celebrates Thursday Night Football, and we are doing it for every team limited edition.” “It’s even more special for the Giants because we have this Thursday night gridiron collection players only edition. Where it’s only going to be players, but we will make sure there are some pieces available for some special fans.”"

On the gridiron, Banks was a limited edition linebacker. The Big Blue Wrecking Crew would beat opponents into submission, something Giants fans are hoping the current unit can bring back.