New York Giants legend Carl Banks breaks down the 2018 team

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Shurmur has helped multiple quarterbacks improve during his coaching career, but to think Big Blue could be Super Bowl-bound in 2018 is likely a stretch.

Banks believes Gettleman has put enough pieces in place for the Giants to contend for the playoffs in the final years of Manning’s career. However, he believes the Super Bowl is an entirely different conversation.

"“I think he’s (Gettleman) put the pieces in place to make the playoffs. You know, Super Bowl there’s alot that goes in to that. I think they have to do the work in the regular season to get to the playoffs. I think once they are there, they’ll be able to determine that.”"

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As stated before, Banks wants to give the fans an honest opinion of his former team as an analyst. He’s not going to mislead fans and paint everything positive. That’s why his prediction for the 2018 season shouldn’t be surprising.

"“I’m going to make a bold prediction.” “They will win somewhere between four and 16 games. They are going to win more than three and as many as 16. They will improve.”"

Well, at least he’s willing to say Big Blue will improve in 2018. Coming from Banks, Giants fans can know that’s an honest assessment.