Fantasy Football: 5 Undervalued New York Giants

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The start of the 2018 fantasy football season is right around the corner. It’s no secret that the New York Giants rebuilt roster offers plenty of potential for your team come draft day.

In 2017, the 3-13 New York Giants consisted of nothing but fantasy football streamer options outside of tight end Evan Engram.

If you were fortunate, you may have hit it big on the weeks that receiver Sterling Shepard wasn’t injured. If you had the guts to play Eli Manning in Week 14, you cashed-in big when he threw for a season-high 434 yards and three touchdowns against eventual Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Have no fear, the 2018 G-Men offer plenty of potential for points. But before we dive in, let’s go over a few ground rules.

The five players we will discuss don’t necessarily have to be draftable, they just have to be players who have the best chance to outperform their current Average Draft Position (ADP). I’ll be using the always trustworthy and its “Expert Consensus Rankings” (ECR), which consists of over 75 top fantasy football analysts’ opinions.

This article is applicable for both 10-team and 12-team leagues that implement Yahoo! Sports standard format, though, this information is just as relevant for ESPN, CBS, NFL hosts, et al. Custom leagues—Individual Defensive Players (IDPs), two quarterbacks, keepers, auction, bonus points, etc.—work just fine too.

Obvious high first-round picks like Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. are not included here.

I also left out tight end Evan Engram, since he is currently being drafted around the top-five of his position class. To me, he is slightly over-priced and is a regression candidate after spending most of 2017 as a No.1/2 wide receiver on an injured Giants offense that severely lacked weapons in the passing game.

That’s a probably different argument for another article though. For now, let’s take a look at the rest of our highly underrated options.