New York Giants: 30 greatest players in franchise history

Eli Manning, New York Giants. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Eli Manning, New York Giants. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images /
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Mark Bavaro, New York Giants
Mark Bavaro, New York Giants. Getty Images /

1985-90. Mark Bavaro. 24. player. 31. . Tight End

Considered by most to be the best tight end in Giants history, Mark Bavaro was the prototype during the late 1980s. Not only was he a dynamic weapon in the passing game, but he was also an exceptional blocker who could hold his own in the trenches.

That well-rounded skill set helped him secure two Pro Bowl and two All-Pro honors during his time in New York. Although he only played for the club for six seasons, what he accomplished in that short time made him more than worthy of this spot on the list of Giants’ all-time greats.

To date, Bavaro is the only Giants tight end to ever put together a 1,000-yard season. He barely hit that mark (1,001 yards in 1986), but still managed 110 more yards than the best single-season performance Shockey could ever muster.

Throughout his stay in the Big Apple, he found the end zone 28 times and managed 14 yards per catch — both incredible figures for the time.

Bavaro will go down as a Giants legend, whether due to his impressive all-around performance or the part he played in two Super Bowl wins — or both. Either way, he sits as New York’s top tight end of all-time in my book.