New York Giants: 5 top questions heading into training camp

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The New York Giants have many legitimate questions that need answering this summer at their training camp and the answers aren’t exactly the obvious ones.

The New York Giants are a conundrum of their own making. No one is arguing that. They were run way too long by Jerry Reese, the general manager who coveted players with upside and potential rather than ones who could hit the ground running and help the team out of the gate.

Since Dave Gettleman took over eighteen months ago, the Giants have in essence been “de-Reese-ified” with most of Reese’s top draftees and free agents sent packing. Gettleman isn’t as enamored with athletic ability as he is with football acumen, size and toughness.

The Giants are still trying to digest this massive upheaval and progress has been slow. Head coach Pat Shumur and defensive coordinator Jame Bettcher are gradually getting players that are suited to their systems and 2019 will be Year Two of what looks like a three-year rebuild, so there’s still a lot to be done.

The Giants have won just eight of their last 32 games and have logged in five losing seasons over the past six years. That is the longest stretch of sustained losing since the 1970s when the franchise played in four different stadiums in three states.

Every team has at least three major questions heading into training camp. The Giants have five major questions to be answered, possibly more. For the purposes of not beating them up too badly, we’ll stick with five for now.