New York Giants: Top 5 Eli Manning career wins against Cowboys

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The story of Eli Manning’s legendary New York Giants career could never possibly be told without including his many battles against the hated Dallas Cowboys. Here is our top five list of Eli’s best wins against Dallas.

In honor of the last ‘Cowboy’s week’ over New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s career, I’ve decided to compile a list of his top five all-time wins against his biggest rival. The rivalry – that spans sixteen years – was a back-and-forth affair, with Eli ending with a career record of 13-17 against Dallas.

That record doesn’t even begin to tell the story of Eli’s success against the Cowboys, as Dallas was able to take advantage of two different stretches of down years for Big Blue, and rattle off five straight wins twice (2013-2015, and the current five-game winning streak). The fact of the matter is, without those ten losses that came in the back-end of his career against some bad New York Giant football teams, and Eli Manning was in fact a ‘Cowboy killer’.

At times, it seemed as though Eli felt more comfortable playing on the road in Dallas than he did anywhere else. While the rivalry was surely one of the better ones of this football era, it could have been even better if there were more years when both teams were good, as there were a couple of stretches where one team was dominant, and the other out of the picture.

Even still, Eli and the Cowboys clashed in enormous games many a time, and as a result I had a plethora of games to pick from – it was tough to select a top five. As far as criteria for the list goes, I tried to balance the importance of the win, the time it took place, and Eli’s performance in the game as best as I could.

Here’s my list of the top five greatest wins against the Dallas Cowboys of Eli Manning’s career.