New York Giants: 10 worst moves of Dave Gettleman era

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8. Kareem Martin signing

Although this is only #8 on my list, this really is one of the worst of them all to me. The Kareem Martin signing signifies two of Gettleman’s biggest flaws as New York Giants GM; bringing in retreads from Arizona (for Bettcher) or Carolina (from his time there), and jettisoning quality players just because they were Jerry Reese guys.

Despite not eclipsing 1.5 sacks in any of his four seasons in Arizona, Gettleman somehow thought Martin was worth bringing in to the tune of 3/15M$. At the same time, ‘DG’ let two quality pass-rushers in Devon Kennard and Romero Okwara walk, only to have their production blow Martin’s out of the water.

Kennard wound up signing for about the exact same deal as Martin with Detroit, as both players got three years with about a 5M$ APY. The difference? Martin has 1.5 sacks with the Giants in two years, Kennard has 13 with the Lions. Okwara also signed on with the Lions, and generated 7.5 sacks in 2018 for just a 1.5M$ cap hit

Martin has been an absolute liability in pass-coverage as well, making him almost unplayable. When you realize that Dave Gettleman paid Kareem Martin 10.5M$ for just 1.5 sacks, while letting two players at the same position walk, only to vastly outperform him, this move really cannot be defended on any level.

You truly have to think Gettleman was bidding against himself on this one, something that’s seemed to be all too common during his tenure.