NY Giants miss out on top head coach target without even getting interview

The NY Giants’ head coaching search reached a boiling point on Tuesday, as Matt Rhule heads to the Panthers without even taking an interview with Big Blue.

This is bad, people. There’s simply no other way to describe what transpired on Tuesday morning when the NY Giants officially missed out on their top coaching target without even getting him into their building for an interview.

Former Baylor coach Matt Rhule has been linked to the Giants for quite some time now, and his familiarity with the organization wasn’t even enough to get him in the room to give him a pitch. If you don’t see what type of effect keeping a lame-duck GM is having on this organization, already, you are simply not paying attention.

We talked about why only hanging onto Gettleman would be a potential disaster for the NY Giants, and we’re seeing it play out already. Mike McCarthy and Matt Rhule were universally known as Big Blue’s top two targets, and although McCarthy did interview, he declined a request for a second interview and seemed to not seriously consider the Giants once the Cowboys were in play.

This isn’t about whether or not you think Matt Rhule is going to be a successful NFL coach – far from it.  It’s about how far this once-proud franchise has fallen, as even with a top young QB, this job is just not attractive at this point. I would argue the main reason for that is the archaic style the organization operates under, and that seems to have played a role in Rhule choosing his destination.

Via Ian Rapoport on Twitter:

This is the kind of thing that’s going to continue to lead up and coming head coaches to other organizations, as the rest of the league is evolving while the NY Giants stay stuck in the mud. Imagine the Giants with a ‘sports science program’ (you can’t).

John Mara has proven that being comfortable is most important to him, as he’s refused to go outside the box or make the necessary structural organization changes to keep up with where the game is going. He made the decision to keep a stuck in the past GM on his last legs, and it’s already hurting this team.

Can the NY Giants rally and still bring in a solid head coach?

Sure. But the fact that this job has fallen so far down the totem poll speaks volumes about this organization and the way it conducts business.


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