NY Giants Draft: 5 Potential trade down partners

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As we approach the draft, most fans are focused on who the NY Giants could be walking away with at four overall but they often forget another possibility: trading out.

About a week ago, I released an article that mentioned trading down as an option for the NY Giants in the 2020 NFL Draft. Today, I’ll be looking at not only some potential trade partners for the New York Giants but also what the Giants could be receiving in return for their fourth-overall pick.

Dave Gettleman has not shown himself to be willing to trade down so far during his tenure as NY Giants GM, despite having a golden opportunity to accumulate assets and jumpstart a proper rebuild in 2018.

After making the puzzling Leonard Williams deal at the trade deadline, he should seriously consider doing so this time around to recoup some of the lost draft capital. The fact that there appears to be a significant talent drop off after Chase Young gives Gettleman all the more of a reason to do so.

Here are five potential trade down partners for Big Blue in the 2020 draft.