NY Giants Draft: 5 Potential trade down partners

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1. Miami Dolphins

Hear me out. I know that on the surface, the Dolphins trading to move up one spot doesn’t sound like something that they would be particularly interested in doing, but there is the logic behind this move. The Dolphins have openly loved Tua Tagovailoa as a prospect since before the season. The Bengals are likely drafting Joe Burrow, Washington and Detroit aren’t expected to draft a quarterback early on.

However, there are a few teams in the picks following the Dolphins who could be interested in skipping Miami to draft themselves a new signal-caller.

Giants get: MIA picks 1.5, 3.6, and 6.6

Dolphins get: NYG pick 1.4

The NY Giants would be able to move back just one spot, which likely wouldn’t impact their draft choice at all while also being able to add a pick on both day two and three. The Dolphins, who already have an abundance of picks, get their man in Tua and the Giants get their man and more picks. Win-win.