NY Giants: Five tackles Big Blue should consider in the draft

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Potential Giants draft pick Tristan Wirfs
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3. Tristan Wirfs – Iowa

If the Giants are looking for an absolute mauler to fill their need at the tackle position, then Tristan Wirfs should be of interest to them. Wirfs is one of the strongest individuals in the draft and utilizes that strength to dominate along the offensive line.

At 6’5″ and 322-pounds, Wirfs possesses a powerful lower body to drive opposing defenders backward as well as massive upper body and hand strength that he utilizes to deliver blows that stun pass rushers. Wirfs has the overall strength to be absolutely physically dominating in the NFL.

Wirfs is more than sheer strength on the offensive line though. He has extremely nimble, quick feet, fluid hips, and is mobile, which allows him to excel in both in both pass and run blocking. With his above-average athleticism at the position, coupled with excellent technique and intelligence, Wirfs is able to control the line of scrimmage.

With long reachability and a high motor, he is able to seal blocks in the run game with ease. However, he has difficulty releasing and getting to the second level in run blocking and needs to improve upon this in the NFL if he hopes to maximize his potential.

Wirfs is a tenacious, high-motor player that gives 100% all of the time. However, he has issues at times with speed rushers or pass rushers who are athletic and must improve on his ability to protect the quarterback against these types of rushers.

Wirfs may be better suited to play right tackle or guard in the NFL, which is something that the Giants must consider when drafting him. He currently projects as a top to the middle of the first-round selection.

The NY Giants would need to either reach for Wirfs with the fourth pick, trade back to select him later in the first round or miraculously have him slip to the beginning of the second round if they hope to draft him.